Announcing Resolute V

Today we announced the closing of Resolute V, a $100M seed and pre-seed fund, and for the first time, a $50M Opportunity Fund.

The primary focus of Resolute V will be the same as the firm’s previous four funds—to identify and jumpstart founders who are in the early stages of development by not only providing capital but welcoming them into a highly collaborative network of peer founders who can provide the most relevant advice and support.

Resisting the temptation to raise a much larger fund allows us to pursue the same strategy as our four prior funds– leading seed and pre-seed financings with founders we have conviction on. As with our prior four funds, we expect Resolute V to back approximately 30 founding teams.

Following the theme of consistency and founder support above all, our new Opportunity Fund will be exclusively used for later-stage investments in existing Resolute Ventures portfolio companies.

With Resolute V, we are particularly excited to announce four new Venture Partners, each of whom we have backed: Brian Thomas, (co-founder, Clutter); Chloe Freeman (Founder, For Them); Joe McCann, (Founder, Asymmetric); and Sam Thapaliya (Founder, Zebec). The new Venture Partners’ diverse background across logistics, consumer/wellness, web3, and infrastructure offers a robust field of experience and expertise as they mentor new Resolute founders across a wide range of categories.