Congrats to AppZen on $13M Series A

Super excited for Resolute-backed AppZenas they announce their $13 million Series A today.

AppZen has built an artificial intelligence platform for the back office which has resonated with happy customers including Amazon, Comcast and Intuit.

Anant Kale, CEO and Co-Founder of AppZen, has really built a phenomenal world-class team.  Not a week goes by where I’m not impressed with their culture of collaboration and excellence that reverberates throughout the entire company.

As someone who has worked on enterprise software in the past, it’s truly rare to see such customer velocity and quick sales cycles in the enterprise space. It says a lot about your product when customers sign up quickly!

Thinking back to when I first met Anant in early 2015, he had a very clear vision as to where he wanted to take the company and real grit and understanding of the effort that would be required.  I was delighted that we led the AppZen seed round and got to be part of this journey.

Fast forward to today, and I’m equally excited for AppZen to have my friend Alex Bard from Redpoint lead the A round and join the board. Alex is bringing a ton of experience and insights to the table, along with being a great person.  I can personally vouch for Alex being a terrific partner in this Series A process and someone who runs a great process and has a deep understanding of what an entrepreneur is going through.

So congrats again to AppZen and everyone involved on this big milestone, and please head over and read Anant’s post, Alex’s post, and coverage on TechCrunch.