Congrats Bitium on Acquisition by Google

It was the Spring of 2012. I was still running around trying to hustle more capital for Resolute I, and was in LA for a couple days. Along my circuit of meetings, I stopped in to visit Paul Bricault at Amplify, who walked me around and introduced me to a few of their teams. For some reason I can’t fully articulate, one of those teams stood out — these two guys, Scott and Erik, who had some funny named company that was doing some cloud thing. They just gave you a sense of quiet confidence combined with get-shit-done-ness. I didn’t know anything really about the space. But, damn, I just liked these guys. So I had them chat with two of our friends who did know the space, Hiten Shah and Alex Bard. They both came back with a thumbs up (and invested themselves). So we were off to the races.

It’s been four years now, and while Scott and Erik haven’t yet achieved the world domination they’ve clearly had in their mind’s eye, they took a big step toward that today by joining forces with Google combining Bitium’s cloud identity and access management with Google’s array of cloud solutions.

Scott and Erik have been core members of the Resolute Founder community — we are all psyched for you!

PS: please make sure the good folks in Mountainview understand you have some key “outside commitments,” especially in early February!