Resolute III: The more things change, the more they stay the same

The more things change, the more they stay the same. When we first started Resolute, we sought out to invest in great founders at the very beginning of their journey. And today Raanan and I announce Resolute III, a $65 million fund for investing in early seed opportunities. Our bread and butter will continue to be leading early, “pre-traction” seed rounds across a broad range of sectors. We are thrilled to include as our backers some great long term partners, including Foundry Next, The Hillman Company, Medley Partners, Morgan Stanley, Top Tier Capital, and Vintage Investment Partners.

Those of you who know us know we are far more concerned with finding “Resolute” founders than we are with seeing customer counts or revenue figures. Same goes with investment theses or themes. Ours is simple: find great founders, at the very beginning. In a nutshell, we are “pre-traction and anti-thematic.”

What gets us up in the morning is the chance to work with a truly amazing group of founders, and every day we grow more proud of them. Although even our most mature companies have only been in market a few years, already we have three companies exceeding $100 million in annual sales and another eight north of $5 million with dramatic growth.

What we hear from our founders is that they appreciate our quick decisions, informal and personal approach (no board meetings!), and strong relationships with other Resolute Founders that often extend well beyond their first Resolute-backed company. In a world where decisions are so heavily driven by data and relationships are transactional, we succeed by investing in people and actually getting to know them.

From our perspective, it really and truly is a privilege to get to know such an inspiring group of founders. Without them, Resolute III would never have happened.

– Mike & Raanan

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