Congrats TruSTAR on Series A

Today, we’re proud to announce that our portfolio company TruSTAR has raised a $5M Series A, led by Storm Ventures.

TruSTAR is the first security intelligence exchange platform built to incentivize information sharing. TruSTAR’s platform gives customers control over their data while providing an understanding of how events are related in real-time:

Forward-thinking security leaders in the private sector are driving rapid adoption of TruSTAR in order to gain critical situational awareness. Our platform provides visibility into incidents beyond your “four walls” and powers real-time exchange of information with other teams, companies, and organizations such as ISACs. Access to TruSTAR accelerates investigation and mitigation, helping CISOs avoid being blindsided by rapidly evolving attacks. We bring intelligence exchange into security programs by seamlessly integrating with existing case management systems and other stand-alone defensive workflow and intelligence tools.

Read the full announcement post from TruSTAR here.