Welcome Raanan!

Today marks what may be my proudest and most exciting day in the brief history of Resolute Ventures – the opportunity to welcome Raanan Bar-Cohen as my Partner.

The founding and launch of Resolute has been a true labor of love, with all the requisite moments of doubt, frustration, pride and joy.  I am immensely proud of the group of founders and businesses that consider themselves part of the Resolute family.  But much more than this, I am thrilled by the prospect of what lies ahead. We have only just begun, just a couple short steps along the path to building a lasting firm and a multi-generational community founders who impact the world and each other.  It’s going to take a ton more work, and at least as much good luck.  But the other thing I know I need is an awesome partner who shares the vision and is fired up to convert that vision into reality.  And that partner is Raanan.

I have had the opportunity to work closely,  and just hang with, Raanan over the last 7 years.  I was a seed investor in Automattic, and Raanan was one of our very first additions to the team.  Since then, Raanan has played a critical role building out the business side of Automattic, seeing and doing just about everything there is to see and do along the way from a seed stage company to the company behind  one of the Internet’s most important platforms and which has raised hundreds of millions of dollars.  In the process, Raanan and I have gotten to know each other well, and to appreciate many similar views on startups, founders and entrepreneurship, and work and life more broadly.  We both know this stuff is hard, have an authentic empathy for the founder’s job, share a passion for helping where we can (and staying out of the way where we can’t).  And, we need to enjoy both what we do and the people we do it with.

Raanan’s post on joining Resolute is here.

I could not possibly be more thrilled that Raanan has chosen to join me in building Resolute – from what in many regards is a seed stage project today, into that something special I know it can and will become.  I know he will be an amazing resource for the founders we work with.  And I know we’re all gonna have a lot of fun along the way.

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