Newest Pup in the Litter: Barkbox

Against all odds, I am placing a bet on a subscription box business, Barkbox.  This business strategy has been looked down upon in the VC world recently, but I couldn’t resist backing this dog goody bag business.  I have worked closely with the Founder and CEO Matt Meeker for over 5 years now, as he managed Dogpatch NY.  Not only is he a great guy, but he is the quintessential founder.  He has great product sensibility, unwavering humility, the ability to bring people and teams together, and the passion grit to make sure he succeeds; so he can keep his lovable great dane Hugo drowning in goodies.  In addition to Matt, the founding team has two more pieces to the puzzle.  The Yin and the Yang of the company.  Henrik brings to the table an awesome sense of creativity that produces some of the craziest, but occasionally most brilliant, ideas while Carly counterbalances him with her operational excellence (ran operations at uber) and rationale.  Essentially they work together to distinguish between the crazy good ideas from the crazy crazy ones.  Together, the team comes up with great ideas, and executes on them consistently.  I am excited to watch them grow, and my two dogs are even more excited for their monthly delivery of goodies!