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Resolute Ventures is a lead seed and “pre-seed” investor focused on backing and connecting a community of Founders who share an entrepreneurial spirit and energy. As a community, we are driven by a need to work on things that matter, and to both give and receive help along the way. Our founders and partners have worked on companies including Automattic, Bark & Co, Clutter, Dogpatch Labs, Greats, Greenhouse Software, Open Door, Orbitera (acquired by Google), Sunrise (acquired by Microsoft) and Trackr.

What We Do

  • We have a well developed view of who we are and who we aren’t, and a clear and consistent style of working with founders.
  • We make investment decisions quickly. We invest in people as opposed to markets, and typically discern whether you are a “Resolute Founder” within a couple weeks of meeting.
  • We prefer developing real human relationships with our founders as opposed to operating in a Board/Management dynamic. We don’t like board meetings, or any meetings for that matter. Our goal is to earn a founder’s trust as an advisor and confidante, so you feel we are on your team. We want to be the call you make when you have that “oh shit moment” in the middle of the night and don’t want to be all alone with that problem.
  • We will work with you closely on particular aspects of the journey from seed to series A: developing milestones and thinking through organizational, strategic and business model questions. And, in particular, preparing for and closing a successful venture round.
  • But we also have a clear view on when not to “help.” We will leave you alone to build and test when that is the phase you are in.
  • Because we know we are not the single best resource for many of the questions and challenges you face, we will connect you with other founders who are. With our emphasis on building connective tissue amongst Resolute Founders, it tends to be a group that wants to help.

How We Do It

  • Resolute is a lead investor for seed-stage companies. For us, seed stage includes the very earliest stages of company formation. Our typical investment is in the neighborhood of $1M, although we are very comfortable writing smaller checks for very early “pre-seed” opportunities with founders and visions we find especially compelling, and larger checks for companies further along than those we typically back.
  • Post investment, we see it as our job to help our founders navigate the path up to and through a successful venture round. We take this job seriously, and are proud of the success our founders have raising follow-on financings. While creating long term sustainable value is the ultimate measure of success, research shows that the leading cause of death for startups is running out of cash. We want to help you avoid that.
  • Our “services layer” is our community of founders. By joining Resolute, you opt into a peer group that appreciates the value of a founder network.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build a community of Resolute Founders who: share a certain entrepreneurial spirit and energy; are driven by a need to work on things that matter; are unafraid to dream big; are founders whom we think have a better chance than most to actually achieve those dreams; and who believe being connected to a group of like-minded founders will help them succeed.