Raanan and I share a love of working with founders. Helping them chase their dreams is something we find immensely rewarding. I think this is an important part of who we are and, as a result, what Resolute is -- how we work with our founders, how we spend our time, and how we define our goals.
Michael Hirshland, Co-Founder, Resolute Ventures

Michael Hirshland


Mike Hirshland is the Co-founder of Resolute Ventures. He has been an investor and contributor to the early stage ecosystem for 18 years.

Throughout this time Mike has consistently been a leader in bringing members of the startup community together. Most notably, Mike created Dogpatch Labs, the community which helped launch over 350 companies including Instagram. Mike also created the renowned Digital Media Summit at Jackson Hole, attended by many of the leading founders between 2005-20011. As an early stage investor, Mike was a partner with Polaris Venture Partners from 1999-2011, where he was the original seed investor behind Automattic, and backed other companies including Q1 Labs (acquired by IBM for $600 million), Quantcast and KISSmetrics. Mike has four children, and in addition to watching their sporting events is an avid (though mediocre) skier and tennis player.

Raanan Bar-Cohen


Raanan Bar-Cohen has over 18 years experience as an entrepreneur and innovator in the startup and digital media space.

Raanan Bar-Cohen is a General Partner at Resolute Ventures and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before joining Resolute, Raanan was at Automattic/WordPress.com for seven years, most recently running corp dev and partnerships.

Prior to Automattic, Raanan worked at Dow Jones, Time Inc, and ran his own web agency back in the 1.0 days. Remember enhanced CDs?

Caroline Talley


Caroline Talley currently serves as Director of Founder and Network Development at Resolute Ventures. Caroline has spent almost a decade in the venture and tech community. Prior to joining Resolute, Caroline ran operations for Propel Venture Partners. Before that, she served as Chief of Staff at Sherpa Capital. Throughout her career, Caroline has been fortunate enough to work with some amazing startups including Personal Capital, Guideline, Hyperloop, and Uber. Prior to joining the investment community, Caroline started her career in marketing strategy at FinancialForce, where she experienced first hand the enthusiasm of high growth companies. When she is not nerding out on tech or serving as a Director of the Olympic Club Foundation, Caroline enjoys rescuing dogs and Burgundian pinot noir.