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Portfolio List
AI.Reverie is a simulation platform that trains AI to understand the world
Airin accelerates human analysis and decision-making for enterprise IT initiatives.
You make 1 investment. We build you a diversified real estate portfolio. It's that simple.
Apozy is a cybersecurity platform that nullifies phishing, malware and impersonation attacks.
Artificial Intelligence for Expense Reports Audit and Compliance.
Microfinance for the mobile generation.
Bark & Company aims to make dogs happy and healthy and is the leading brand for dog parents everywhere.
Beauty By Design is leading the next wave of modern technology-led retail called prescriptive commerce.
Automated data-driven pricing for your Airbnb and vacation rental is here.
(Acq by Google )
Bitium is creating the SaaS Operating System.
Blippy is a mobile app that makes it simple to explore, create and send animated GIFs.
(Acq by $DNB)
Bloom Credit works to improve financial eligibility of people declined for lending products.
(Acq by Terminus )
Turning B2B Marketers Into Revenue Heroes. creates fair, fashionable and fun banking solutions. Use our prepaid Visa cards to bank and pay with a brand you love.
DATA. DRIVEN. Next generation data platform for smart cities and the future of transit.
Intuitive and easy-to-use project management tools for software teams that want to see the big picture.
Storage Made Simple. Clutter offers convenient storage that manages pick up, storage, and retrieval of your extra items!
Learn how your genes can impact your health.
Group Chat for Investing.
Crossfader bridges the gap between electronic music fans and the DJs they love.
DocRun makes it simple for you to create complex legal documents.
Document automation software allowing anyone to turn frequently used templates and forms into web-based document assembly interviews.
Real time collaboration for teams in VR.
Eido Search applies advanced information processing techniques to make financial time series data searchable.
Einsite is working with forward-thinking construction, mining and quarrying companies to build the job site of the future.
Fancy Hands offers personal assistant services to the masses.
Fresh, locally sourced groceries to your doorstep.
Fig is a platform for funding and developing games with the direct support of passionate gamers. We help get games made.
Flipside's investment clubs simplify the chaos of trading cryptocurrencies.
(Acq by NZXT)
Fast, automatic, always-on game capture. Never miss a moment with Forge.
A new type of talent agency, focused on you.
(Acq by Steve Madden )
Classic Sneaker Silhouettes. Designed in Brooklyn for the Modern Consumer.
Greenhouse provides recruiting software that works the way you want it to.
Grow is introducing the world's first "smart planter" making it dirt simple to start your own vegetable garden.
GymPact wants you never to miss another workout.
(2012 - 2017)
We help you notice the awesome things that are already part of your life.
The easiest way to track blood pressure and understand your heart health, using a FREE app for iPhone, Apple Watch & Android.
(Acq by Twitter )
Highlight the web to share the important parts.
We are making happy homes everywhere by making it simple to match homeowners with trusted, professional service providers at an affordable rate.
HoneyBee allows employees to unlock their paid time off.
Hopscotch enables creative kids to code their own games on iPad and iPhone.
Influitive helps companies mobilize and cultivate their advocates with amazing advocate marketing programs.
The intelligent platform to manage the lifecycle of your software applications.
(Acq by Rubicon Project)
isocket is a technology platform built to simplify direct ad sales.
A stealth mode ai startup disrupting the on-demand economy
We plan your dream trip, exactly how you want it.
The Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Platform.
Built to optimize marketing. Track, analyze and optimize your digital marketing.
Schedule and manage your Instagram posts.
Personal device for the connected home.
First device to hack your metabolism & lose weight.
Contract manufacturing for consumer brands
Find & share any meme. The world's definitive meme database and network.
Create, record, and remember your best memories.
(Acq by $YHOO)
MessageMe offers an emotionally engaging communication experience that’s fun, lightweight and ubiquitous.
Making Email Awesome.
Crazy accurate inertial smartphone/AR tracking.
NodeSource, the Enterprise Node.js company.
OKpanda crafts innovative digital products for learning English.
Onai is unlocking the power of next-generation computation for us all.
Liquidity for Residential Real Estate.
(Acq by Google )
We provide a SaaS product that optimizes the sales of software and services on cloud platforms.
Passport is the next-generation international shipping company. is solving inefficiencies in the talent markets.
The world’s leading risk management and analytics for natural resources
Your new paid acquisition advantage.
Reonomy, a technology company headquartered in New York City, is revolutionizing the commercial real estate world.
Reveal is the "Ask Me Anything" social network using cryptocurrency to transform social media.
Rollbar enables faster development cycles. We collect all your errors and surface the top issues so you can quickly find, fix and resolve them.
Run Hop
(Acq by $LNKD)
Helping companies to measure and improve user engagement
We’re building a platform that lets you run, edit, share, and embed “live” code.
Unlock huge gains in team culture and performance with SHIFT.
Shop Hers is the only luxury marketplace dedicated exclusively to pre-owned designer fashion. We curate our community to guarantee authenticity & quality.
Signifyd help e-commerce businesses sell confidently while protecting them from fraud.
Delivering you a successful home renovation, guaranteed.
Bring Your Business to Voice.
STAND was born with the promise that you don’t have to be big or powerful to change the world. You just need to STAND.
(Acq by $MSFT)
Sunrise is a new calendar app. Designed with love, Sunrise is a new experience that will make your life easier.
Tidepool helps you understand how your personality, thinking and mood influence your daily performance.
TrackR is a smartphone application that enables users to keep track of their possessions using wireless sensors capable of locating any object.
(Acq by ClassPass)
Trove will create a platform where users can discover, share, and store digital versions of their physical goods.
The first truly anonymous cyber incident information sharing platform for enterprises
UJET brings joy to customer support by helping companies resolve problems faster.
The Unoceros platform connects you to an infinitely scalable distributed computing network with all the computing power you need to get the job done.
Vayable is an online marketplace where people can discover, buy and sell unique travel experiences, including tours, activities and extended trip.
(Acq by 123RF)
Free vector graphics editor for web and desktop.
Deploy highly elastic big data applications in Python & more. No fuss, no Java needed.
Stunning new images for your desktop and mobile devices. Millions and millions served.
Optimizing performance for elite athletes and teams.
Yardsale is a mobile app for simple buying and selling with your neighbors and friends.
The easiest way to deploy websites.
Zenbox helps you personalize all your customer interactions by pulling customer profiles into gmail and your CRM applications.
(2012 - 2013)
Unified mobile marketing console with numbers you can trust.
Zone7 maximizes human performance and availability by predicting injuries before they occur