Bringing Some Young Blood to Resolute

I’m thrilled to announce that Coder Dojo founder James Whelton will be joining Resolute .VC as our Hacker in Residence. At the age of 20, James has an impressive background across a broad range of tech, from computer hacking to iOS development to social platform data parsing and analysis. James also is a frequent speaker and panelist. James presently spends most of his time as a social entrepreneur, having founded Coder Dojo – a global movement to teach the world’s youth to code.

(For a little color on James, check out his TED Talk here.)

James’s primary mission at Resolute will be as an ambassador to the next generation of great entrepreneurs – the teens who are imagining new ways to build and use technology to change the world. James will not only help Resolute evaluate technologies, he’ll help us understand a whole new generation of innovators and a whole new way of thinking about innovation. Which, I’m convinced, is going to be a key to our long term success.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks; but this old dog barks to differ.

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