L’shana tova — Changes for the New Year

This year has been one of pretty big changes for me on both the personal and professional front, which makes particularly apt the following New Years’ wishes forwarded to me by my brother Bob, and which I would like to forward to my readers and followers:

“The Hebrew word for year, ‘shanah,’ is based on the same root as ‘to change.’ The Jewish tradition recognizes that each new year affords us the opportunity to change. Thus, when we say to our friends and family, ‘l’shanah tova,’ which we usually translate as ‘May you have a good year’ what we are also saying, quite literally, is ‘May the changes you make in the coming year be for the good.’

What a wonderful and uplifting message. May each of us celebrate this year not only as a good year, but also as a year that we change, as individuals and as a community, for the better.”

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