Best Job Title Ever: “Founder, Customer Support”

I’ve been playing around with some lightweight CRM offerings and last night signed up for Worketc.  And today I got an email from Dan, who introduced himself as “as your go-to guy while you’re getting started with WORKetc.”

Turns out, Dan is the founder of WORKetc.  Dan goes on:

“I bet you are now wondering what the founder is doing on customer support? The reason is pretty simple. For a lot of software providers, customer support is an afterthought and usually outsourced to an offshore call centre.  We have a different philosophy here. I genuinely love interacting with customers and spend at least an hour every morning reading every single interaction between our customers and our support team.And, as he describes, he loves interacting with customers and hearing what they want and need.”

He signs off with this: “Dan, Founder, Customer Support.”  I love that.

6 thoughts on “Best Job Title Ever: “Founder, Customer Support””

  1. I should change my signature line. I am the founder of a recent US venture which has grown out of an Australian business.

    I cannot think of any good lasting business relationship my companies have entered into that have not started with me asking “What are you doing with the product? What are your needs? How can we help you with them? Have you also considered this?” It takes months to train a salesperson to ask these questions and actually listen to the answers.


  2. I think that’s a hat tip to Craig Newmark who has a similar sig for craigslist although he might have not mentioned founder 🙂

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